5 Tips for Better Online Copywriting


1. Focus on the main selling point

It’s common knowledge that web readers have all the attention span and focus of a puppy on speed. If you’re lucky enough to catch attention you won’t hold it long, so place your main selling point or top benefit front and centre. A funny opener can hook them, but the well-executed pitch converts.

2. Keyword stuffing is a No

Example: Do you like kittens? Kittens are furry and fun. You could buy a kitten from us today! Kittens love chasing string.

Keyword stuffing is a really bad idea. Not only does it ruin content for the reader, it can actually hurt your SEO efforts. The keys to effective SEO-optimised copy are balance and ingenuity.

Inject keywords into tight, relevant and interesting copy and the suspicious “stuffing” will disappear. Use your imagination to fit keywords into text in unexpected ways.

3. Polish and cut

The push for constantly updated content makes it less likely content managers have spent time editing. Successful ad copy, articles and landing pages need to be edited. And edited. And edited again.

Tight copy doesn’t necessarily mean short copy. It means that every word works hard, and weaker words are deleted. Short sentences always work better than long ones.

4. Adapt your style to the brand’s personality

Brands don’t care if your friends think your status updates are hilarious. They care if people buy their products. When writing for different brands, make sure your writing style doesn’t always sound the same. Each brand needs a specific tone that appeals to their particular target audience.

5. Focus on benefits not features

Wrinkle-resistant fabric is a feature. Being able to exit a plane after an 8-hour journey, with a crisp-looking shirt, is a benefit. Readers don’t care about a product’s features unless you point out how it will make their life easier, better, faster, cheaper or healthier. Always focus on the benefits.