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Digital marketing trends from Silicon Valley

Forbes Magazine summarised the key trends in Digital Marketing in 2012. 

  • Outside channels of communication have greater credibility to employees than internal channels
  • There are 4 marketing mindset shifts: 
    1. From focus on users to users and voices – the influencers of your brand 
    2. A shift from segmentation to segmentation and re-aggregation 
    3. From telling to delivering 
    4. From marketing to facilitation 
  • The future of retailing is delivering exceptional customer experiences daily 
  • Mobility is now a cornerstone of marketing and sales
  • Digital marketing automation companies are having the most success in both B2C and B2B markets
  • Personal reviews of products can increase conversion rates by 100% or more 
  • Social media is PR 2.0 
  • Analytics, social and mobile are dominating new venture projects 
  • Cross-social platform support and social integration are very needed in the market. 
  • Publishing, landing pages and analytics & dashboards are 3 areas of social media critical to getting right digital marketing strategies to succeed 
  • CRM is in for a disruptive series of innovations to streamline compliance and increase adoption.  While Salesforce has done well on the SaaS platform, it is getting a reputation in larger corporate accounts of being hard to customize and use.The Facebook-like interface of Chatter is a good start 
  • Mobility is dominating the VC landscape. 
  • The 8 rules of Big Data are:
    1. Collect everything
    2. Give data to get data
    3. Start with the problem, not with the data
    4. Focus on metrics that matter to your customers
    5. Drop irrelevant constraints
    6. Embrace transparency
    7. Make it trivially easy for people to connect, contribute, and collaborate
    8. Let people do what people are good at, and computers do what computers are good at
  • The 4Cs of Marketing have become more important and relevant than the 4Ps.  The 4Cs include Content, Context, Connection and Conversation. Marketers who are earning the most trust view these 4Cs as an ecosystem that need continually valuable, unbiased, intelligent content. 
  • Your Customer’s social graph is the new segmentation. AT&T had a 0.28% adoption rate for a new service using segmentation.  When they used the social graph, the adoption rate increased to 1.35%.



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